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With changes in lifestyle, the desire to intelligently communicate with the functions of comfort raising devices at home has increased. With beautiful touch points, either on walls or in your palm, you can command decorative lights, window curtains, blinds, shutters, air conditioners, media servers, security installations, all sort of appliances, and all sorts of equipment.

Everything around you understands you so well and makes your living so vivid that you have no choice but to enjoy every moment of your life!

With changing work-life landscape, we believe, office space are fast becoming second home to more number of people and thus your office must address this need intelligently without overflowing budget! Eminence operates on wider technological spectrum band and is capable of offering corporate solutions ranging from standalone to integrated, depending upon the project need and your budget.

At Eminence, we deploy state-of-the-art solutions right on your office walls so that there is never a moment when your office is not speaking to your employees.
When it comes to hospitality and large infrastructure spaces like entertainment avenues, art galleries, restaurants and cafes, educational institutes, luxury hotels and exotic resorts, our integrated lifestyle solution plays an important backstage role in creating the environment full of care and attention. Our systems serve you all equally, when your team is busy serving others with passion.

Imagination is the limit here and Eminence has learned how to utilize engineering innovation with imagination to give meaningful action to your dreams.

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