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Eminence takes pride in being a good listener to its clients. We work diligently with our clients to understand their needs and provide the optimum solution design that meets and exceeds expectations. We work with flexible product platforms that enable us to build the most creative and elegant solutions  of all!


From the signing of the contract to executing and completing the project, our team works with you through all the stages and keeps you informed on the status of your project. We are a committed team of individuals with a special focus on responsiveness. Our processes ensure that we deliver in time!


From site visits to on-site solution deployment and supervision, we ensure that we execute with high quality. We work hand-in-hand with your architects, interior designers, lighting consultants and electrical contractors and the likes, to help you achieve your dream solution in planned time!


Eminence is committed to providing you all the support you need as we implement your solution. Along with  providing standard warranty and support services, we also provide a range of exclusive support options such as periodic maintenance and  remote diagnostics!


Eminence is associated with multiple prestigious projects where its signature and work of excellence are evident. We respect the privacy of our clients, and cannot publicly provide a listing of our eminent clientele. However, references are available on request, and visits to select reference sites can also be arranged.

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