Welcome to Eminence Building Technologies

enjoy your life...every moment

Welcome to Eminence.

At Eminence, we offer a bouquet of “Integrated Lifestyle Solutions” so that the buildings where you live, work, or play become your intelligent companions and communicate with you, understand you, serve you with your matching level of intuitiveness!

At Eminence, we ensure you enjoy your life...every moment!

Eminence Solutions stand for “emerging”, “integrated”, “energy efficient”, and “certified” solutions.

Learn more about us or get in touch if you want to hire us on your next project.

Eminence is always committed to providing its customers with the latest and greatest in home and building automation technologies. We provide best-in-class products that serve to enhance your lifestyle in a sustainable, energy efficient way.

We strive to provide robust end-to-end fully integrated automation solutions so that you are always in full control of your ambiance. Comfort, energy, security, and communication can all be unified under a single elegant umbrella solution.

One of Eminence's key focuses is the application of building automation in an energy conscious manner. At Eminence, we are fully aware of our responsibility to the environment and our role in the society, to make a contribution to the better use of the limited available resources.

Eminence partners with leading brands around the world to build certified solutions. At Eminence, we are committed to bring 'lifestyle' and 'technology' as close as possible to each other, for maximum energy and operational effeciency, all under certified and tested solutions.

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